Memorias del sur (2022)

Original Musik für Gitarre und Akkordeon.

The “Memories from the South” is a CD with original compositions inspired by Chilean and Latin American folk music. This CD has the participation of other Chilean musicians.


Paisaje Chileno en seis cuerdas (2019)

The album “Paisaje chileno en seis cuerdas” (Chilean landscape in six strings) is a personal journey, conceived from the solo guitar, through the long and varied sounds of the Chilean musical geography.
This album features the country’s great composers’ music, many of them original to this edition, which were written for guitar, adaptations and arrangements.
This album was financing for the Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio of the Gobierno de Chile.



Ritmos Sudamericanos para Guitarra vol. 1 (2018)

First solo production. Folk music from South America, first tape of original music and arrangements for guitar from Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and Paraguay.




Duo CellAr – La vida breve (2015)


Duo Cellar’s first CD is ready. With compositions by Manuel de Falla, Luigi Boccherini, J. S. Bach, Franz Schubert, Enrique Granados, Alberto Ginastera, Ariel Ramirez, Zequinha de Abreu y Pixinguinha, we present a new program, arranged by ourselves for the instrumental combination Cello-guitar.