Bergfried Kultur

Bergfried is a cultural centre for the city of Passau, for the district and beyond the state borders, which is run by artists all year round.
A young, fresh and alternative venue in the field of high culture, where the young and lively Passau scene is enabled to combine the regional with the international. Intercultural diversity, a holistic concept with art, culinary delights, workshops, concerts and events make the Bergfried once again a place of encounter.

Dúo CellAr

Duo cello and guitar. Charming combinations that allow us to dare something unconventional and build a bridge between two cultures rich in musical treasures. Our repertoire consists of a mixture of classical-European compositions and Latin American folk music. We arrange and compose music for our instrument duo in a new way, leaving behind seemingly fixed traditional preconceptions for once, which leads us to fully exploit the possibilities of our instruments. We use the various folk instruments from Latin America and complement them with two-voiced singing.
We perform regularly in Germany, Austria, Spain, Brazil and Chile. In November 2015 we released our first CD “La vida breve” and are currently working on our second album dedicated exclusively to Latin American folk music.

Danilo Cabaluz – Henry Wilson

Das musikalische Projekt zwischen Danilo Cabaluz (Gitarre) und Henry Wilson (Akkordeon) wurde unter diesen ungewöhnlichen Umständen geboren. Inmitten eines sozialen Ausbruchs im Oktober 2019 trafen sie auf einem Gitarrenfestival im Süden Chiles zusammen und in diesem Kontext begann diese wunderbare Möglichkeit des Musizierens für Gitarre und Akkordeon-Duo Gestalt anzunehmen, Musik genährt, gewürzt und bereichert von der musikalischen Tradition Chiles und Lateinamerikas.
Das Repertoire besteht hauptsächlich aus Eigenkompositionen des Duos, die – bewusst oder unbewusst – von der traditionellen Musik Chiles und Lateinamerikas inspiriert sind.


MOSAIKO guitar quartett

The MOSAIKO Guitar Quartet was founded 2014 by the four guitarists: Sebastián Montes, Danilo Cabaluz, Luis Orlandini and Katrin Klingeberg.
Their artistic focus is on the Latin American music.
The repertoire consists own arrangements and original compositions, with great influence of Latin American folklore, where are often used the traditional instruments like the Charango and Cuatro, which enrich the quartet sound and versatility.
The Quartet has performed several times in Germany and Chile

Das Quartett konzertierte bereits mehrere Male in Deutschland und Chile.